4-Hers showcases the best dress animal competition

Every year, 4-Her at the Huron County Fair has the opportunity to show off their ideas in the best animal-wearing competition, with the top three winning the trophy.

The competition was held at the Doug Wilson Building on Friday afternoon.

This year’s winner is Ava Deel, 10 years old. Her costume was inspired by the movie “Charlotte’s Net.” She is dressed as a Wilber pig, and her rabbit is a spider of Charlotte.

Deel said she came up with the idea after she first watched the movie a week ago.

“I feel good,” Deel said of winning.

She said that she spent a lot of time on clothing and found something to put it together.

Deel was also the champion of last year. He was dressed as a referee, while the two rabbits played against the team on a football field – one dressed as Cleveland Brown and the other as their main rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

“I am very excited about her,” said Ava’s mother, Lisa Deere, who repeated her daughter’s title.

The runner-up is a brother and sister.

Ranked second is Kaden Miguel-Roblero, 7 years old in New London.

His homemade costume is the superhero Optimus Prime of “Transformers”. His clothing includes work lights, which can range from superhero uniforms to trucks.

With the help of his mother, Cassondra Dixon, this idea takes four to five hours to become a reality.

His chicken was dressed as a bumblebee.

The final entrant to the trophy this year is Norwalk’s Makiya Dixon.

She is a member of the Lone Ranger 4-H Club.

She is dressed as a chef, and her chicken is used as a “chicken soup.”

“I have eaten all the chef’s things, so I think I will make chicken soup because I like chicken soup,” Dixon said.

Many other animals are dressed, accompanied by 4-Hers. There are several real dresses, such as pony and turkey. Other participants included a goat in a headscarf and a rabbit dressed as a Cleveland Cavaliers NBA cheerleader.

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