Adorable toddler dressed in an infant animal costume tries to imitate ferocious beast

A little boy in an infant animal costume showed off his roar – but his lively attempt to prove that he needed more practice before he became king of jungle.


Cute bear video has been viewed on Facebook more than 7.2 million times, like and share more than 126,000 times.


In the clip, the little boy wearing a lion dress sat on the table and watched the camera.

Behind the camera, a woman looked at the child in an  infant animal costume and tried to show him how to growl.


Woman with intense lion impressions, boy looking at woman, studying her perfect imitation.


That’s the turn of the child


He breathed, whispered: “ah!

The woman behind the camera suddenly laughed, the roar of the attempt to become very wrong.


The clip has attracted the hearts of millions of viewers on Facebook, and they have a similar reaction to women’s hysterical laughter.


One person wrote in the video: “I am not familiar with the baby infant animal costume, but a little melted my heart.

Another post: “I want hundreds of such kids!”


“It’s so cute! Ah, look at the lovely lion,” another man wrote.

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