Adorable video shows toddler tearing up the skate park in an infant animal costume

Forget to learn how to walk to run.

The toddler is almost impossible to do, but he prefers to step on the skateboard.


A cute video shows that 22 months old when wearing a skateboard park, rather than his favorite green dragon infant animal costume.


As long as you can pick up his board, children will be in the skateboard park near the parade, and try a variety of skills.


While he has quite a leak and loopholes, his balance on the board makes many wannabee slippers shame.

The little boy even dressed in a matching green helmet to prevent any damage, but fortunately there was no major spillover.


On one occasion, he showed his skull on a tall board and glided along it.


He pushed the skateboard by hand, tried to climb, but fell off, lucky was not going to hurt himself.


Cute little dragons infant animal costume do not let it believe him, get up and try again, absolutely fearless.

Later, his big sister also helped him. Wearing a pink shirt and infant animal costume, she showed her little brother how to do the trick, kick the skateboard.


It looks like this is a family business, my dad shoots the boy’s skateboard park adventure and gives him a fifth, and he suddenly rolls over.


We predict that talented little monsters may be Tony Hawk (Tony Hawk) a few years later.

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