Allie Light and Eleanor Coppola appear under the Mill Valley Film Fest spotlight

San Francisco filmmaker Allie Light won an Oscar with her late husband, Owen Saraf, in 1992 to record their documentary “The Shadow of Stars.” Her award-winning documentary includes “Dialogue with the Goddess” (1994) and “Shakespeare’s Children”. (1996).

Eleanor Coppola directed the documentary in the Emmy Award-winning “The Heart of Darkness: Apocalypse of Filmmakers” and made its debut in 2016 with “Paris can wait”. The two filmmakers gathered on Saturday, October 13. The Mill Valley Film Festival is “Any Wednesday/Two People Dinner: Afternoon with Eleanor Coppola and Ellie Light.”

“Any Wednesday,” Light’s first film since 2009 is also her first fiction movie. Co-directed by Patrick Stark and written by Ryan, this short drama tells about white eighty olds caused by dementia and a black homeless person with traumatic stress disorder (Shane Dean) (Mary Black) The amazing connection caused.

As she did in “Paris can wait”, Francis Ford Coppola’s wife, Coppola, tells a story in her commercial life, and she knows very well that “the two have dinner together.” A film director (Chris Messina) and his wife (Joanne Wally) enjoy their Saturday night, even if they leave by video chat while dining in different restaurants.

In addition to Light and Coppola, Stark and “any Wednesday” producers David Lundstedt and Julia Hilder will participate in the Smith Raphael Film Center.

The return of the Arab festival: “No one’s paradise”, a Lebanese drama about Easter lunch, revealing tensions within the family when money disappears, and opened the 22nd Arab Film Festival on Friday, October 12. The festival will last until October 21. Bay area.

Other films of the festival include “From Baghdad to the Gulf”, a documentary about the Bay Area chef and LGBT activist Ghazwan Alsharif as a journey for Iraqi refugees, and a “blessing” of the Algerian drama to explore the impact of the civil war. A couple and their teenage son.

Five days of seven days: the San Francisco International Short Film Festival from October 18th to 20th and the Spookfest on October 18th, a busy week at the Roxie Theatre.

The 13th edition of SF Shorts consists of six shows, including films from countries such as the United States, Russia, Serbia, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. Spookfest promised to turn the theater into a haunted house with 13 short films and costume competitions in two shows.

Women surf, climb mountains, ride motorcycles, and participate in other excitements in the short film on the October 21st Women’s Adventure Movie Tour. Next is the Cross Country Film Festival tour from October 22nd to 23rd (both movies are the same), with short films providing virtual stimuli through the woods, mountains and more.

Produced this week by the Center for Animal Protection and Education, these films explore animal welfare and rights, the links between humans and animals, and how to improve animal life.

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