Animal shelters use clothing to promote pet adoption

The West Memphis Animal Shelter is using an unconventional way to highlight the pets it can use.

An employee dresses himself and a pet into different roles so that anyone who sees them will laugh.

It also encourages them to go to shelters to adopt new pets.

On any given day, Trent Stacy, the West Memphis Animal Shelter Adoption Coordinator, can be someone or something.

No matter what kind of person Stacy becomes, his beloved asylum will be deformed with him.

“We just started to like someone to see what it would do, and it just got up quickly,” Stacy said.

He and his friends at the shelter chose a theme, found clothing for Stacy and his featured pets, and created a record.

Most don’t write scripts, but Stacy says the refuge has attracted thousands of social media fans. He even became a celebrity in Central and South China.

“Sometimes when I go to the place they say, ‘Hey, there is a shark guy, that’s a costume guy,'” Stacy said.

But without pets, video is impossible.

Stacy tends to emphasize pets that have been in the shelter for a while.

For this week’s video, Stacy chose Journey, a lab combination that he was embarrassed when he came to the shelter.

As for Stacy, this week is a wise choice, so he dressed as Elvis.

Stacy said that as long as they are working, the video will not stop, as long as he is suitable for wearing clothing.

He said that when he saw these animals heading to their eternal home, it was all worth it.

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