April giraffe baby needs a name. May be the legacy of this 6 year old boy

In his short life, Medford’s Gio Maggiore developed love for giraffes. Now, after a few weeks in six years, he died with controversy with congenital heart disease, possibly naming him.


“Gio” is one of the last rounds of the new giraffe tournament held at the New York Animal Adventure Park.


The move was after Gio spent the last day of the April Giraffe in Gio after preparing for birth in New York Park.


“He spent a lot of time, especially his last few weeks to sleep,” Gio’s mother Maya told the “Globe”. “When we try to entertain him, one of the things infant animal costume we will always see is the giraffe flowing.”


The Globe is not alone: ​​”Giraffe’s popular virus in April has become popular in the history of the second highest in YouTube history, more than 232 million views and 7.6 billion minutes of real-time viewing time, the Associated Press said.


But Gio’s love for giraffes is deeper than abortion.


“He began to like them when he was a child,” Maya said. “It is starting from a pacifier and then moving to stuffing animals and infant animal costume clothing like this stuff.”


“When he did not even one day, we gave him a pacifier, and he just picked up his nipple from there.” “It was his best friend, and he went everywhere.”


In fact, Gio loves the giraffe, he and his family went to a Make-A-Wish Foundation sponsored Dallas Zoo, where there is a “giraffe’s population”, his father said.


“He just brought them,” he said.


Gio died on 10 April. On April 15, the giraffe was born with her calf – a man – a few days later.


Maggiores said that someone had come up with the idea of ​​trying to get Gio to be named on the day they had their son’s rest.


“Someone said,” if they name the giraffe Gio, would not it be great? ” “Said Christopher Maggiore.” From there, it took her own life. ”


The idea has rolled up and led the city of Medford to promote an article on Gio in social media. ABC News National branch also included the story.


The baby giraffe’s name costs $ 1 each for the benefit of the New York Park, the Giraffe protection work, and the support of families and children with accidental medical expenses.


Christopher said: “My mind is really a failure of the situation.” “Everyone has fun, the end of the day, many people benefit from infant animal costume.”


Vote tonight Maggiores said they wanted to find the name of the Mavericks on Monday.


Gio’s parents say they are honored that many people are thinking about their son infant animal costume, even if his name is not for the new giraffe.


“Gio knew he was ill, he knew he would not do that, and he was mainly worried infant animal costume that he would be forgotten,” Maya said. “This shows that he will not be forgotten.” Everyone has proved him, his name has spread to many places, and many others.


Christopher added: “Support, love, everything we’ve felt for the past two weeks – it’s incredible.” It’s just an example of people trying to show us more about Gio and what we ask for more love than we do. “

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