Best clothing from ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

There are many reasons why “Crazy Rich Asians” has been hit so hard. In addition to the “Happy Club” and an all-Asian cast, it also appeared in the revival of romantic comedy, from Netflix’s “Set It Up” to the recent film adaptation “To All” I have loved before. . ”

Another reason why viewers can’t get “crazy rich Asians”: fashion. Each character’s costumes are in Singapore, combining a rich cultural history, elegance and sophistication. Fashion designer Mary E. Vogt has created so many amazing looks that her work is certainly not ignored by fans.

So what is the best clothing for “Crazy Rich Asians”? These nine make the fans speechless.

Araminta Lee’s liquid gold jumpsuit is flawless

In order to marvel at her boyfriend’s mother and his entire family, Rachel Chu wears this blue ruffled ball gown and is dressed in fashionable friends. This moment is easy to become the most representative of the film. Rachel walked into the wedding in this breathtaking dress, confident and bold.

Among all the characters in the movie, Astrid Young Teo (Gemma Chan) is by far the most fashionable character. In fact, she is known as a fashion icon in Singapore. So it’s no surprise that she made this list more than once.

For beginners, this light pink dress was worn at the beginning of the movie, and when her character was introduced it was an amazing one. It perfectly sums up her personality: exquisite, soft, gorgeous and stylish avant-garde.

Not everyone can open a whole white moment, but Nick Young (Henry Golding) can certainly. The summer suit trend is now all the rage, and Nick uses a white suit (looks like linen) to nail it, with white buttons and blue pocket silk for a touch of color.

Peik Lin designed Rachel for the 70s-style dress, which is a time to satisfy her family. Everyone is addicted to the retro look.

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