Creative videos entice people to West Memphis Animal Shelter

The West Memphis Animal Shelter is taking all steps to get these animals to use and it seems to be working.

“I am not ashamed. I am never jealous. I will do this anyway,” said Trent Stacy, who worked there.

When Stacy started from the shelter, he and a volunteer came up with a creative way to market the animals available on Facebook.

“It’s time for a dog or cat photo to no longer work. You need live video, and if you can improve it a bit, it really will change the whole game,” he said.

Stacy and the animals wore matching outfits and made up a short film.

Clothing ranges from sharks to superheroes to pop stars.

These videos are not only eye-catching, but also cause a lot of attention.

More than 33,000 people like the Facebook page of the shelter, which exceeds the population of West Memphis.

“Whether they were on the video, they were adopted nine times, or they left here, they all left here,” he said with a smile. “When we skip a few days, people will like where the clothing videos are? Which one is next? Where is the next? We have a lot of people who like these videos.”

Stacy said he has been thinking about his next costume and performance.

“He should be a superhero, or a turtle looks good to him?” he looked at one of the dogs.

He said that the video will be released soon.

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