Cute puppy, pirate swaying the pirate marking the square

Pirates gathered in the center of Washougal on Saturday afternoon, but they were not looting the town there. Instead, family and their pets come out to participate in the pirates on the square.

This year’s event marks the third time that pirates have attacked the Clark County community. This incident coincides with the pirate day conversation on September 19th, so there are many piracy modes and costumes.

It took a few years to get started. Organizer Rene’Carroll said that its first year was just a pirate-themed concert. She said that its size and popularity have grown from the beginning.

“It’s all family during the day, and then in the evening it will become more like a pirate farm garden,” she said. “It attracts people from all over the region.”

She said that the popularity of the event was partly due to its friendly dog friendship, which was evident because there were a large number of dog pirates walking around, from soft ears to soft ears. Some dogs were dressed as pirates and participated in costume competitions.

But this day began with a costume hunting event at the Vancouver Walking Club. A large number of people left the parking lot of the Pendleton store in the early morning, crossed the center of Washougal, continued to the port of Camas-Vojugar, and then returned. For less sociable scalawags, there is a self-directed choice.

Despite their presence, the attendees were a group of jubilant and courteous pirates.

Kelly Farah of Salem, Oregon, crossed the square wearing a full set of pirate gear, including a bright red coat made by a friend working at the Oregon Opera House. When wearing costumes, he chose Longshot Murry, the name given to him by “other pirates,” he said.

Farrah, or Longshot Murray, is a member of The Leviathan, a private, member-only pirate group. He also works as a prop master in Pirates of the Caribbean film, making flags and loading guns.

“The strange thing is that there is demand,” he said, referring to the consulting work he did in the film.

Farah said he participated in the pirate festival in the area. He is not sure when or how to create this hobby, but he has long been fascinated by pirates and Vikings, he said.

“It’s fun to talk to other pirates. Children love it, although they sometimes get scared,” Farah said.

In the afternoon, pet parades and dressed up pet competitions caught the attention of many passers-by. No one seems to be able to resist the cubs with a blindfold.

Winners include the best pirate-themed costumes, the most lovable costumes and the most original or unique outfits.

Two 7-month-old Pomeranian puppies, Romeo and Raja, won the most lovable costumes. The stuffed animal parrots tied to them – and the pirate jacket – stole the hearts of the judges.

Washougal residents Meshelle Sharples and Rayn Hunt said they did not expect to bring the prize home. Since its inception, Sharples and Hunt have participated in piracy activities in the square every year. They say they like to support the activities of local business owners; they also like to dress up.

“We like it. Halloween is our favorite. I am surprised that we didn’t have the urge to dress ourselves,” said the Pomeranian, who looked down at her.

“I think it’s awesome in the Pacific Northwest,” Hunt said. “You know, the whole thing keeps strange.”

The West Columbia River Canyon Humanitarian Association organized a dog competition and established a shallow pool with plastic balls and snacks. Non-profit organizations are the main beneficiaries of the donation of the event.

Micki Simeone, who sits on the board of the Humanitarian Society, said the money would be used to save the animal’s medical expenses. Simeone said that so far this is the biggest expense for non-profit organizations.

She said that the humane society helps about 500 dogs and cats every year.

“We want to get involved,” Simone said. “People can come out with their dogs and we can share our information. The costume competition is just a plus.”

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