Danbury School adopts new mascot

Danbury schools have been mascots for 19 years, but high school graduates have recently decided to change the status quo.

As a gift to the school district in 2019, students agreed to purchase sailor clothing for Danbury schools and community activities.

Senior class co-advisor Julie Oglesbee said the gift is being produced for many years.

“A few years ago, we threw out the idea of ​​(mascot) to see if it could afford it,” she said. “We raised the chicken dinner for several years to raise money for premium gifts. Then we priced the mascot and conducted a poll to find out who wanted what (mascot).

The area’s previous mascot “splash” is a huge blue wave. Eventually, in 1999, the garment became unrepairable and had to be thrown away.
“For the Lakers (nickname), it’s hard to come up with a mascot,” Ogles said.

After the students agreed to the mascot and received funding, the garment was ordered by a Canadian company in early August and it took six to eight weeks for the company to complete. The mascot was introduced to community members at a rally held at the Biro Stadium on Sunday.

That night, Danbury School asked the user for name suggestions on their social media platform, and these suggestions narrowed down to six options. Students will vote between the options through an online survey, and the official name of the mascot will be announced before the student competition on Friday.

“I think people are very excited about it,” Ogles said. “It has caused us to pay attention to small communities.”

Since this was the first year, the mascot trial did not happen, but senior Ryan Gwin volunteered to participate in many activities.

“He is learning to dance with the band,” Ogles said. “I hope he maintains this momentum, and another senior student also asks for help.”

Oglesbee believes that the new mascot will bring the community and school district closer together.

“I feel that with this mascot, he can go out to participate in sports and children’s activities,” she said. “In community activities, such as in nursing homes and the Perch Festival parade, it will be fun (with a new mascot).”

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