Dinosaur Era: How Tyrannosaurus Costumes Help Dress Up Texas House

At the top, yes, but it is really eye-catching. A little imagination and T. Rex clothing put this lakeside home in Granbury, Texas, at a new level.

Remember the real estate agent dressed as a panda suit trying to sell a house in the spring of Texas? It is like a charm, and it has received 12 shows in the first two days. You can’t argue with that kind of success.

But you can move the food chain up. The real estate agent sold the two-bedroom, one-bath lake house in Granbury, Texas, and hired an extra straight from the Cretaceous era to help with the listing: A huge Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In lovely hardwood floors, lake views and a screened terrace, we saw ‘Tyrannosaurus attack the refrigerator, take a nap, fish in the lake, and even mowing. For a person with such a tiny weapon, this is really impressive, isn’t it?

“We came up with this idea a few years ago and have been waiting for the right customers and the right house to try,” explains listing agent Casey Lewis. “This is a great way to get an extra exposure for an already good property.”

In addition to being filled as a Jurassic Park testing facility, this 796-square-foot house has a fireplace, two porches and a deck, and access to community boats at the corner. The asking price is only $89,900.

Is it useful? “The range is very wide,” Lewis said. “The list has been aired in local news and has been shared hundreds of times on social media. I have received calls from all over the country asking for information about the property.”

Lewis has more than 45 games and signed the first two days. This may be a stupid gimmick, but it does. The real question is, why aren’t more real estate agents wearing eccentric animal costumes listing photos? The next time someone tells you that they will make what they need to sell the house, then send them to the clothing store!

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