dress up? Halloween costumes don’t lead to lounge breaks

Halloween is considered one of the best holidays to relax and show off your personality or perfect opposite. The two children go door-to-door to sell their children while doing a cup of cocoa. They relax comfortably in a sugar-soaked bed. Only Halloween can relax and need clothing. But if there is no clear instructions on the overalls, it is too much, what is not enough? There are some things to consider before you appear in the clothing work on October 31st.

Avoid large amounts of fake blood and/or zombie blood.

These elements can be worn at the top, but they don’t need to sell clothing. If you want a vampire look, think about more Bela Lugosi than an interview with a vampire. The goal of office Halloween is to bring more joy, not to be lovable, so popular black collars and silly jokes. If you want zombies, maybe not – it may be too close to home, not suitable for office work (haha, just a joke).

Let’s go with group clothes.

Dress up as Finn, Jake, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum in the era of cartoon online adventure, or the entire gang of Scooby Doo or the actor of Andy Griffith Show. These garments can usually be pieced together from your normal wardrobe and foster team friendship, fun and teamwork. It’s really fun, and it’s easy to get rid of controversial material. In addition, the combination is endless.
Dress up as food.

Nothing is more disappointing and funny than this quiet person, because accounting appears in Apple costumes, fourth grade. A small green hat with a brown stem and a chin strap? A +. A piece of sashimi? Unexpected, but at least you promise not to smell like a real fish at the end of the day. Or, if your workplace is animal friendly, try almost any animal costume (but we like Scarecrow and Toto, or Dorothy and the timid lion.)

The inspiration of historical figures is very rich.

Dressed up as Lincoln, James Baldwin, Charlie Chaplin, Serena Williams or any famous face. But please pay attention to the political role. You know your workplace. Try to avoid clothing that may be considered contempt for individuals or beliefs. These conversations can be conducted outside the office or at a working group in the bar, but avoid hard conversations as you enter.

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