EMMY CONTENDER: COSTUME DESIGNER CYNTHIA spends summer in a series of unfortunate events

Clothing is an important part of the storytelling of the A series of unfortunate events – after all, the evil Earl of Olaf (and its accompanying confidants) is usually disguised, and as the second season progresses, Baudelaire itself is also true. But this season, Count Olaf and the rookie have a new competitor: his fashionable partner EsméSqualor.

“She is just Carrie Bradshaw in her world,” explains Amy’s nominated costume designer Cynthia Summers. “Esmé thinks, ‘I just put it here because it’s more fashionable…and I’m disguised!’” Summers is very generous through her inspiration and the entire season’s flow through SYFY WIRE, including Her favorite looks, her biggest challenge, and the equipment that broke her heart.

“The Austere Academy” (based on the fifth book in the series): In order to penetrate the new school in Baudelaire, Earl Olaf has come up with a new character – “Genghi Siqi Coach”. In this book, he is described as wearing sneakers, sneakers (perhaps to cover his eye tattoos) and headscarves (presumably to cover his unibrow).

“For us, the question is, why is he wearing a headscarf?” Summers said. “So we are very inclined to this.” Suppose Olaf took the sportswear from the actual physical education teacher – “We don’t know if he killed her, but she has left” – the team thinks it needs to look like true It’s getting old, as if it’s been in college for 20 years, it’s been passed by women. Summers first looked at the irregular sportswear of the 1980s and decided to use velvet as the way of Olaf, which would make it comparable to Burgundy’s school uniform.

“Neil [Patrick Harris] played an important role in the right direction,” Summers said. “He really wants it to look too small for him, so the legs and arms are short and the torso is short, so it’s on his upper waist, we have to pull the bottom of the sportswear up, it looks a bit too exciting Uncomfortable, this adds to this low-level factor.”

She decided that the headscarf came from a school banner stacked behind the hijacked bus. “It’s a little hard to detect, but when we got the opening towel, the violet got it, you can see it says ‘Prufrock Prep’,” Summers pointed out.

The broach on the headscarf is our first clue to the Carmelita Spats, Carmelita Spats is our newest urchin. (“The original owner liked it very much!” she was surprised when the owner praised her). It’s especially tricky to figure out Carmelita’s color scheme. In real life, the pink dress is “40% brighter” than the soft look on the camera, the way the show lights up.

“We call it Carmelita Pink,” Summers said. “It looks like a kid’s Disney show because it’s a bubble gum pink with a bit of gray inside and a dusty purple at the top.” Her cheerleading uniform is more like a real bubble gum color. Although she originally imagined the role of Nellie Oleson in the hut on the prairie – even if she used that blond character on her illustrations – Summers later thought that Carmelita’s curls should be red because ” It’s just so bold.”

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