Fair animals in Ashtabula County, owners get all dressed up

Fair animals in Ashtabula County, owners get all dressed up

The 4-H’ers, a small animal costume competition at the Ashtabula County Fair on Friday, has creative juices.

On the fourth day of the six-day exhibition, turkeys, goats, rabbits and their owners competed for the first place in the best costumes.

The judge has 10 contestants in a variety of costumes to choose from, including a goat dressed as a cow, a turkey in a swimsuit and a rabbit wrapped in a banana.

But in the end, they chose 10-year-old Chase Asher, who wore a full-body inflatable tyrannosaurus costume and dressed his albalone costume to dress his goat. The goat even stood on its hind legs and waved its small forefoot to the crowd.

“He will do this when he is excited,” Chase said.

Nearby, in the small animal barn, Isabella Harmon and

Chase Peake from New Valley Livestock 4-H Club is responsible for barn work

On the ground.

Both Isabella and Chase have won ribbons for their Japanese bantam.

The flower building on the southeast side of the exhibition center has been closed until around 2 pm. Allow to judge the second flower show. Once inside, fair people will receive treatment for flowers and ribbons.

On a clear day, the temperature reached 80 degrees in fine weather, allowing some tourists to seek a cold drink and look for a place to sit in the shade.

Daniel Barker, 18, of Albion, Pa., has been busy at the lemonade stand at the western end of the fair.

“I like it when I am busy,” he said. “I have been attending exhibitions in Michigan and Ohio, and the people here are very friendly.”

According to data from the Cleveland National Weather Service, nature is expected to show the audience today and Sunday that the weather is fine and the weather is as high as 79 degrees. It is not expected to rain until Monday.

The market sells livestock at 1:00 this afternoon. The MAC Arena is expected to attract hundreds of people to the show, as everything from cheese, yak, sheep, turkey and pigs will be auctioned off.

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