‘Fortnite’ Halloween collection includes clothing and a 17-foot inflatable fighting bus

As early as July, Epic Games announced a partnership with Spirit Halloween and Spencer to launch a series of officially licensed apparel and accessories from Fortnite. Ok, this series is completely effective and you can buy it here.

The collection includes character costumes, T-shirts, backpacks, mugs, blankets and party supplies such as Loot Llama. There are also copying tools and weapons such as the basic Pickaxe, Rainbow Smash Pickaxe and badass Pumpkin Launcher (including lights and sounds). However, the most amazing project in the series is definitely a 17.5-foot inflatable fighting bus.

Please note that the Battle Bus is sold through Spirit Halloween for $449.99, but at the time of this writing, you can purchase it from the Amazon store at Spirit Halloween for $399.99 with free shipping. Both will be shipped around September 20. You can also find the entire Fortnite Halloween collection at Spencer’s. The official breakdown of the series is as follows:

Basic harvesting tools: We all have to start somewhere… This basic trick is the first harvesting tool you received in the Fortnite Battle Royale.

Rare skin and accessories:

Brite Bomber Costume (Adult and Child Size): Rock This vibrant Brite bomber skin comes from the sun and the rainbow this Halloween, your future will be so bright, they need sunglasses! Don’t forget to use our Brite Bomber wig and iconic backpack to complete your look.

Embrace team leader costumes (adult and child sizes): Embrace it in this cute Cuddle Team Leader skin. As part of the Royale Hearts, this skin is regularly launched in the in-game store and debuted in February 2018. As a jumpsuit and a clothing T-shirt, this style can be completely remodeled with the legendary Cuddle Bow backpack.

Black Knight Costume (Adult and Child Sizes to choose from): Annoying Wailing Woods scourge, this skin can be used in the Battle Pass Season 2 and became an early favorite of Fortnite. This skin is part of the Fort Knights suit.

Dark Voyager clothing (suitable for adults and children): From the deep dark space, Dark Voyager can be used in the Battle Pass Season 3, one of the most representative of the season. This skin is part of the Space Explorers package and is available as a traditional outfit or jumpsuit.

Rex clothing (adult and child size): From the Dino Guard set, this deadly dinosaur is looking for an extinct competitor. Launched in March 2018, this skin quickly became one of the most well-known skins in the game and can be used as a jumpsuit. Use the legendary Scaly backpack to complete the look and can be purchased separately.

Tricera Ops clothing (for adult and child sizes): The second skin is introduced into the Dino Guard set, and this legendary skin is ready to make your teeth a victory. It can be purchased regularly at the item store at 2000 V-buck, which can be used as a jumpsuit here.

Fortnite Party Supplies:

Combat bus inflation: Every victory starts on the bus. The place you landed is one of the most important factors in winning the game. Now you can make the battle bus a reality with this inflated bus decoration! Our large inflatable boat is 17.5 feet tall and 18 feet long and is a must-have for any mold Fortnite fan! Believe us, this Battle Bus inflatable will blow you away in its size.

LootLlamaPiñata: Loot Llama (AKA the Supply Llama) has become the mascot of Fortnite. This lucky camel always brings gifts, and now you can experience the joy of discovering one for yourself!

Party Series: Our Fortnite party collection includes cups, plates and napkins, as well as many different Fortnite style designs. With the vibrant Battle Bus, Loot Llama and GG smiley prints, you can purchase these necessities as a party bag or buy them separately.

Fortnite Mug: Before going out of the storm on a long day, it’s best to have a drink from our Fortnite cup and start your day. Our mug collection includes mugs inspired by Brite Bomber, Brite Gunner and Fortnite logos.

Loot Llama Fleece Blanket: When you wrap yourself in this officially licensed Loot Llama Fortnite blanket, you can piece it up by the cosy campfire. This wool blanket is printed in a colorful quadrant print, showing the trophy camel and the luxurious Sherpa bottom on each square. The Fortnite logo can also be found along the bottom of the blanket for a signature touch. Are the four trophy camels in the same place? Now this is a rare sight!

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