Here are all the questions about “pet costumes”

Halloween is fun for millions of Americans, but don’t let you want to celebrate the horror story of being your animal companion. According to recent reports, animal Halloween costumes are big business – more than 30 million people will spend about $480 million this year alone. However, while dog costumes may look cute to humans, animals that are forced to wear them may feel uncomfortable, cumbersome or even scary.

Cat and dog clothing is not worth the pressure.
A recent BBC article suggested that animal guardians say: “Clothing is usually not designed for comfort… some pets become very nervous – cats may start to retouch, sit or lie down, have more sound, Even sniping. Dogs may show their stress by licking their lips, yawning or gasping, or freezing again. Dressing pets for fun may make them feel stressed and uncomfortable, so if it’s just for our entertainment, then we It would not be considered fair to our pets. “The article points out that clothing that restricts animal movement or covers the face or head can be particularly painful.

Jokes or novelty costumes can also shape the negative, even disrespectful, attitudes towards animals in people’s minds. Dressing them up makes people laugh at them as unfair to animals, they don’t understand what’s going on, and they have no choice in this matter.

Clothing is not the only potential problem.
At Halloween or at any other time of the year, no animal has a natural desire or needs to be dyed, pierced, tattooed, mutilated or modified in any other way to appeal to human aesthetic preferences. Unnatural beauty or beauty procedures that are good for animal health and well-being should not be identified – too risky and absolutely unnecessary, not to mention discomfort or even pain.

Animal clothing should provide comfort and safety.
Due to the cold weather throughout the country, some short-haired or puppies wearing sweaters, jackets and even boots may be more comfortable to protect them from the effects of cold temperatures. However, even with these, the comfort and happiness of your partner should be the first. Are they appropriate and unrestricted? Does your animal look very annoyed when wearing them?

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