Infant animal costume more snuggly than scary

Is there anything more precious than wearing infant animal costume a baby like a lamb, rogue or Elvis?

Cherish these years soon, they will not let you close to the closet.


Last week, Hollywood mother Chrissy Tiegen married singer John legend, admitted to E! There is news that she is for the baby Luna decided Halloween clothing problem.


See even celebrities have it rough.

According to New Castle’s joke, R Wild’s boss Bill Wilson said that Delaware’s parents like to put infant animal costume newborns and babies as dying animals and mini-superheroes on terrible zombies and vampires.


Recently, a father came to Wilson’s shop, bought a $ 100 polar bear clothing, and for his baby bought a $ 40 polar bear clothing.

“It’s a competitive thing for the parents,” Wilson said. “They want their kids to look the most cute.”


Baby infant animal costume clothing can cost 20 to 40 dollars, which for fast-growing things may be expensive. All major retailers carry them, although it can be a slim choice.


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Wilson looks forward to customers’ fans on Saturday, and will carry a variety of teenage costumes licensed by Crayola, “Animal Planet”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Babies can turn into dinosaur bones, lemurs or St. Bernard (lead tie).


“It’s about getting a memory and getting a photo,” he said.

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