Is the children’s sexy Halloween costume finally out of control?

Is the children’s sexy Halloween costume finally out of control?

For parents, the sugar-high and Pinterest failed clothing try may be a shortcoming of Halloween.

But according to a non-scientific survey conducted by parents today, the biggest surprise to moms and dads at this time of the year is to see young girls wearing too sexy clothes.

Up to 62% of surveyed parents said they were tired of seeing children wearing sly clothes and smashing eggs, while Maryland mother Jennifer Diamond also agreed.

“No children will wear sexy clothes,” Diamond told today’s parents. “If I allow my child to dress like this, what do I teach her?”

“I think we need to teach our daughter’s self-esteem,” said Diamond, who has a 12-year-old daughter named Sarah. “Their value exceeds their appearance.”

A quick online search for girls costumes appeared in short skirt versions of police, clowns, wolves and more. Moreover, in general, today’s little girl’s clothing involves a small amount of pure fabric and spaghetti or a low-cut corset.

Lisa Sanders, who lives in Maryland, said that when her daughter Eddy was in the first grade, she bought her a cannabis costume, which was a few sizes too big, just to be what she thought was appropriate. The way to cover her body.

Saunders explained: “For a small costume, it is very tight and fits in shape.” “So I bought her a size of 12-14, so for the same age child, it actually looks It looks like an ordinary outfit.”

TODAY Tastemaker and Child Development Specialist Dr. Deborah Gilboa said that although parents think that children’s clothing is often too much sexy, it is reasonable for them to formulate and enforce the rules for children’s Halloween costumes.

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