Is this photo showing a polar bear riding public transport in Russia?

A photo that allegedly shows polar bears taking public transport in Russia is often shared online with humorous subtitles, such as “Russian normal day”:

This photo is also associated with “Polar Express”, “Bus can’t afford”, “Trying for the new Coca-Cola Bear”, and “We get the aggressive passengers of this bus”.

This photo is a real photo because it is not digitally processed, but it does not capture a real polar bear from a Russian bus as often claimed.

This photo actually shows a puppet named “Paula the Polar Bear” by Bryan in the Czech Republic city of Brno during the “Save the Arctic” movement. (The name of Rakovecká on the street of Brno can be seen on the bus sign.) Two activists are actually operating the puppet from within, and other Greenpeace members are introducing the public to climate change and Arctic drilling.

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