Men and women wear elaborate animal costumes to escape reality and realize their wildest dreams.

Many of us remember one point in our lives. Maybe when we are children, all we want is to assume a different identity for a day. Whether it’s a celebrity superhero or a very cool person near you, there is a fun life that you envy for you.

This desire to take on a new role and become a desire of others is only a matter of time to get some people into adulthood. Some people, such as “Furries,” express this desire in a very interesting way.

According to South African student Ryno Lombaard, men and women who play the role of “similar animals” are “escaping from reality”.
After smashing the online furry community on YouTube, Ryno studied how he created his own outfits, and the rest was an ongoing adventure that brought him many new friends. Under the name “Yote Fox”, Ryno likes to explore the other side of his personality.

He and his friend Heinrich van Rooyen found a close-knit Furries community in a forum called ZA Furries. Heinrich is called “Iron Wild Tempest” and says he has been interested in this approach since 2010. Heinrich is a chef at a four-star restaurant when he is not pursuing a furry lifestyle.

Heinrich chose this name to reflect the power he had to find in order to overcome the bullying behavior of childhood and his “friends” who had always supported him.

“Niexie” likes to dress up as a cartoon sheep. She admits that she was “obsessed” by cartoon characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and any type of mascot. At the age of 13, Nicole made her own wolf costume, and she said that when people encouraged her to see Fries. Niexie likes furry because it makes her “become her real look.”

Ryno’s costume making skills led to his friendship with the “Ivic Wulfe” of the werewolf “fursona”. Ivic focuses on the online community of hairy lifestyles and has been pursuing his 15 years of interest.

Ivic likes the friendship between like-minded Furries, citing their childlike nature and the opportunity to escape reality as a furry advantage. According to Ivic, these benefits far outweigh the furry.

Ivic said that as long as you remain within the law, anything will become a furry thing.

Ivic is associated with a Furry companion named “Badger Cat.”

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