Mom turns her baby daughter into an Instagram star by dressing her up in infant animal costume as she naps

Her creative infant animal costume making her mother slept when a baby girl changed into film and television roles.

Los Angeles photographer Laura Izumikawa welcomed her daughter Joey Marie four months ago and claimed that she could not stop staring at the beautiful girl when she was sleeping on a crib.

In fact, the little girl slept quietly and gave her an idea.


“Joey sleeps so deep, so I think it’s funny to just send some lively pictures to our parents and friends,” Laura told BuzzFeed.


She used a blonde wig and a black paper bow to turn Joey into a miniature chandelier singer Sia and share her success with her family. And a new hobby was born.


Since then, Laura has used the things of the family and borrowed items from friends in more and more details.

She used a small yellow paper, paper and feeling, turned Joey into a nap Pikachu. In another infant animal costume picture, she put a long black wig and a hat on her shoulder and put a guitar beside her, making her look like a gun’s guitar hand slash spit image


For the Olympics, Joey won the gold medal, swimming cap and his own lanes below the Olympic Games at the treatment of Michael Phelps.


She even recently picked up a noteworthy Netflix favorite stranger thing, using blonde wigs, Eggo waffles and a fake nose to turn Joey into a mysterious super power eleven.


In addition to all the infant animal costume images Laura has taken to complete the work, Joey seems to be quietly banned.


According to Laura, Joey wakes a rare period in the process, just smiling and laughing back to get up.

Each image of the infant animal costume mini-costume has been liked for thousands of times and helped Laura to collect more than 250,000 followers on Instagram.


In addition to the growing social media, Laura also said she plans to convert the image to a 2017 calendar for friends and family use.


As to how Joey reacts to Instagram’s reputation when older, Laura does not have to worry.


“If she is our child, she may have a good sense of humor and will laugh,” she said.

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