Need some Halloween costume inspiration? Here are some DIY ideas!

Whether you want to go to the quail or join a Halloween party, you should save some cash by creating rather than buying clothes. I did what you might do, I searched the Internet for fast, simple and cheap DIY Halloween costumes.

Here are some inspirations from you!

On Good Housekeeping, you will see the cost of the following ideas:

Animal masks with balloons or party blowers become “party animals.”
Wear a halo and/or wings and put on a green shirt with avocado to become a “sacred guacamole”.
Dress up as an Instagram photo or filter!
As an emoji!
For two people: one wearing a green shirt and the other wearing a shirt with the word “嫉妒”. Then, you are “awkward green!”
Grab a loaf of bread and wear a medal. Then you become a “bread winner!”
Let a group of girlfriends together, put on an apron with a spice name, you are another “baby girl.”
Prove that you are a “smart cookie.” Put on your graduation gown and add cookies!
If you really don’t like dressing up, you can wear a shirt and put a text saying “404 error – no clothing found.”
Let one dress up as Bob Ross and the other as a “happy tree”!
Wear some tropical clothes and add some boxing gloves. You are “tropical boxing!”
Wearing a shirt to say “blessing” and disguise, become a “blessing of disguise”!
“She sells sea shells” wearing sunglasses and a windbreaker filled with shells.
Rock and roll dress and some roses, you will be the next single girl.
If you are a super creative, turn yourself into a pop art character.
Become an Instagram photo and choose any filter you like.
On the Women’s Day, I saw some other good ideas!

Take an orange shirt, draw or wear a symbol of pumpkin and Pi. Then you can become a “pumpkin skin”.
Put on a shirt that “takes the ceiling” and add some pompoms, you can become a “ceiling fan”!
Dressed in all white, add a yellow circle that looks like an egg. Wear the devil’s horn and tail, you are a “demon-like egg!”
Wearing fake cotton wool and dust in rabbit ears, you are a “dust rabbit!”
Put the “Smarties” candy on your trousers, put on a bow tie and some glasses, you are “Smarty Pants!”
Get a pig’s nose and put on a blanket. Hey, “Pig in the blanket!”
Country Living has something that appeals to me:

Put a piece of chip on your shoulder and you can “stick to your shoulder”!
Make a cactus! Just add some yarn or shorts to the green dress and tulle, and you will be trapped on you!
At the age of seventeen, there are so many interesting ideas:

Wearing a deck becomes a “Queen of Hearts”!
Don’t make a joke to draw a “stick chart.” in contrast!
So sweet – it’s a “good kiss” or a “candy dot”!
Of course, Pinterest has a lot of ideas! I saw the idea of putting a mini cereal on a red shirt with cutlery. This makes you a “grain killer.” I also saw the idea of placing the Peeps on a magnet made of cardboard. This makes you a “chicken magnet”.

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