Pet costumes competition is now open for voting

For the 3rd Annual Gulfport Beach Fair’s Halloween Costume Competition, it’s about pet fashion and online fan voting.
Also, each pet was filmed at 4 pm on Friday, October 19. By 8 pm co-owner Gini Fagan shocked the custom photo collection at the 3115 Beach Boulevard store.

Gini’s husband, Mike, is the co-owner of another store, and during the filming he helped to get the best posture and expression for each animal.

“This is very interesting,” said Gini. “Gerverport is an animal city.”

Gini said the way the game is played is that people must first “like” the Facebook page of Gulfport Beach Bazaar. If they don’t already have one, they need to navigate to the clothing game album that will be fixed at the top. The album will be released on Wednesday, October 24. People vote for their favorite pet costume photos by “like” votes.

She said that sharing is not important.

However, Gini said, “People can collect votes for their pets.”

Pets who vote the most before midnight on October 31 will receive a $50 store vouchers. She said that the name of the winning pet will be announced on the store’s Facebook page on Thursday, November 1.

Each pet taken in the store’s holiday-themed package is a winner because their parents will receive their digital image for free via email.

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