Piscataquis Valley Fair will return to 131st from August 23rd to 26th

This year marks the 131st anniversary of the Piscataquis Valley Fair, which began in 1887. The 2018 exhibition will take place on Thursday, August 23 to Sunday, August 26 at the exhibition grounds at 77 Fairview Avenue. These four days will provide exhibitions, rides, concerts and entertainment for people of all ages.

The celebration began on Thursday, August 23, and the farm cattle were weighed at 8 am and the open flowers were judged at 10 am. At noon, the Fire Department Museum is located next to the police building, the exhibition hall and the zoo. The farm turn and Niulla also started from noon, and the midway ride was open at 2 pm.

The frisbee behind the ice cream shop tossed from 3 pm. At 4 pm, the first bingo session of the pedal tractor was pulled at the milking parlor at 4 pm. same. The bicycle painting will be held at the exhibition office at 5:30 pm.

The first day of the Piscataquis Valley Fair will include a milking parlour demonstration at 6 pm, an 8th mechanical truck race at 6 pm, and a Midman Rose will be held from 6 pm to 9 pm at 7:30 pm He Man game. Then put fireworks at 9 o’clock in the evening

On Friday, August 24th, the farm horses will be broadcast at 9:00 am and the Youth Dairy Exhibition will be held at 10:30 am. The fire department museum, exhibition hall and zoo are all open at noon, as is bingo.

Friday noon ride is open at 2pm, as is the Conjuring Carroll Magic Show (another show will be at 6pm). The relay race will be held behind the ice cream shop at 3 pm. At 4:30 pm, the pedal tractor was pulled in the milking parlour. The bicycle drawings will be at the exhibition office at 5:30 pm.

A milking demonstration will be held in the living room and at 6 pm at 6 pm. It will be a tuff truck race on the track. From 7:30 to 10:00 pm, Honky Tonkers Reunion Tour – Craig Stutzman ended the day on the stage.

On Saturday, August 25th, the horse pull began at 6 am and began to jump at 8:30 in the morning. The agricultural tractor started the mechanical track at 10 am. Open at 10 am is an antique car show, exhibition hall, fire department museum, horse, zoo, youth beef show and biscuit decoration on the mountain.

The 4th Annual Girl Maie Maple Beauty Contest from Kindergarten to High School will begin on the stage at 10 am.

The midway ride will be open at 11am and the frying pan will start at 11:30am. At noon will be bingo and Conjuring Carroll – another demonstration will be held at 3pm. In the tradition of Mark Twain, the frog jump competition is scheduled for 1 pm. Just like the pedal-type tractor in the milking parlour. The North Atlantic Wrestling Association will hold a performance at 3-5 pm. In front of the stage.

The animal costume parade begins at 3 pm. The bicycle painting will be held at the exhibition office at 4pm. The biscuit stacking competition will be held in the mountains at 4:30 pm. A milking demonstration was held in the living room at 6 pm. It also pulled the truck to the mechanical track and wrist wrestling at 6 pm – registration time is 5:30 pm. By the police building.

At the end of Saturday, The Mallett Brothers will perform on stage at 7pm.

On the last day of the 2018 trade fair, Sunday, August 26, a horse was weighed at 6 am and the horse started at 9 am. At 9 am, the garden tractor pulls the mechanical track, then Mara at 9:30 am

The doodlebug draw starts at 10 am on the mechanical track. The exhibition hall, the fire department museum and the zoo are all open at 10 am. From 10 am to noon, contestants who compete for pigs can report at the exhibition office. The pedal-type tractor in the milking parlour starts at 10:30 am, as does the pie judgment.

Stopped at 11 am in the middle. A bubble gum competition will be held at 11:30 am. The bingo game meeting of the day began at noon, and the battle for the farm to pull the arena began at 1 pm.

The function pedal tractor was pulled out at the milking parlour at 2 pm. Demolition Derby starts at 3 pm, as does Power Wheel’s Demo Derby. The final bike drawing time is 4pm. Before the Expo this year, the Expo officially closed at 6 pm.

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