PUDM dancers wearing animal costumes

This is a jungle in the Cordoba Leisure and Sports Centre, where many participants of the Purdue University Dance Marathon wear animal costumes while dancing. Rhinos, giraffes and elephants can be seen throughout the black gold and gold gym.

According to Jill Kissinger, a freshman at the Institute of Technology, the theme of clothing changed at some point throughout the night. There are four themes: the team’s color trails, safari, wild west and red.

These costumes help the “Riley Kids” feel comfortable during the marathon and are meant to evoke the feeling of Riley Children’s Hospital. The Pediatric Care Center offers art therapy, pet therapy and other child-centered opportunities.

According to Kissinger, clothing is the real morale booster for participants when raising money.

Kissinger said: “I feel that I am very happy to be here and feel that I am involved.”

Not everyone brings clothing to these four themes, Kissinger says, wearing a Mexican hat, a headscarf around her neck and a safari-themed green jacket. She said she chose her outfit, so it applies to the Safari and Wild West themes.

Erin Stevens is a freshman at the Faculty of Education who wears giraffe dresses to bring clothing to all themes.

“You just have to put them in the bag and put them in. It’s easy,” Stevens said.

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