Romantic bride underwear shopping before your honeymoon

Romantic bride underwear shopping before your honeymoon

When you hear the word “Bride Underwear”, you will think of some uncomfortable associations. The garter left on your skin, the unnecessary straps in the unreasonable need for strapping, the itchy lace and the excessive use of naff wording like ‘Mrs.’ and ‘Wifey’, with briefs and robes printed on it.

However, our fiancee and bride will be happy to know that not all brides are equal in heart.

Skip the overuse of lace and tailoring, the new collection is creating stores that focus on comfort, style and subtlety. The new wave no longer relies on virgin white, but brings soft lilacs, lovable rust, even black soft cup trays (expecting quick removal requires very little support) and comfortable briefs (g strings) Still the epitome of sex? The jury is still outside).

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