Sexy ‘maid’s story’ costume just online, this is your reminder please do not

Sexy ‘maid’s story’ costume just online, this is your reminder please do not

This is almost the time of the year – when the air gets colder and the pumpkin becomes more exciting, we must remind the public that please don’t wear Halloween costumes for the love of God. For example, dress up as “sexy costumes for sexy maids.” Yes, these costumes are things that exist on the Internet (of course, they do exist) – but if it’s the one you think about this year, then that’s why you have to think twice before you go.
Although for copyright reasons most websites are unable to explicitly declare “the maid’s story” in their list, there is no doubt that the success of these programs – this is a Hulu series based on Margaret Atwood’s novels Among them, the United States has become a totalitarian society and women who are considered state property are forced to engage in sexual slavery. Yandy’s “Brave Red Maiden” costume has a hooded cloak, a white hat and a red mini dress designed to evoke the ladies’ dresses… but “sexy is better.” “women no longer own An annoying reversal of the Utopia future, “Yandy’s clothing is on the market. “But we said we should be bold and use our unique brave red girl costume to express our thoughts.” (Bustle has contacted Yandy for comment, but did not receive a reply at the time of publication.)

But this is not the only place where you can find a super sexual version of feminine clothing. Earlier this year, pajamas company Lunya announced that Handmaid’s Tale-style underwear was called “The Offred.” The red silk pajamas set was named after the main character of the show, Offred, who was forced to enslave a higher status breeder in order to produce a baby. After an initial strong opposition, a Lunya spokesperson told io9, “We are a big fan of the Lunya show and named the color of Elisabeth Moss’ journey as ‘Offred’,” added, “We met resistance! ”

According to The Mary Sue, Lunya changed the name from “Offred” to “Scarlett” and the product supply seems to have ceased to exist.

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