Smile, you’re a bumble bee! Rare – and VERY cute – images from an infant animal costume photographer are released for the first time

Inspired thousands of new parents of infant animal costume photographers in the new book released a rare image, these bride parents for newborns wearing flowers or slot machines to take a temporary photo.

Anne Geddes (Annne Geddes) is often known as baby photography Annie Leibovitz, nearly 40 years, has been shooting newborns infant animal costume iconic images, sales in the world 18 million books, and each time on the greeting card See her works.


From a splendid baby wearing a bee, a tiny newborn child in the tree as a koala doze off, Australian-born snapper tips to capture the baby’s vulnerability and cute, a new review in her career Was caught in.

A new book with a camera recorded some of her earliest picnic and saw her theme often wearing simple and powerful black and white infant animal costume photographs.


Some of the highlights of this book include one-third of the monochrome images that are held by the largely invisible parents.


In other places, there is a sleep butterfly, basically do not know the complex wings and headband that is placed on her.

And it is difficult to resist two fluffy newborns – twins – nestled in the arms of a huge infant animal costume teddy bear.


Why did she choose to catch a baby under six months, she said: “I like to shoot newborns and six months old kids.

“Newborns are always sleeping, six to seven months old children sitting confidently, can not climb.


This book comes from Gedde’s full file, published by Taschen.

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