Stoat as! Will cyclists wear strange costumes that will become a fashion in Wellington?

In the Auckland Central Business District, the Lyme electric scooter has become a huge fashion, but Wellingtons seem to have a new way of transportation in their city.

Yesterday afternoon, Wellington resident Kenz Spearman found a cyclist in strange clothing on Taranaki Street in the Central Business District of Wellington.

In the lively video posted on the community page, the rider is wearing some animal costume.

“I just want to have some coffee during my work. I saw him going to cross the road in the light,” the pig told the Herald.

“He looked at the controls and so on, it looked funny – so I recorded it.”

The piglet seems to be confused about the whole test, “What?” The cyclist passed her.

This hilarious shot was after another cyclist was found on the same street and wearing a box on him.

“I have seen the video of the person with the box, it immediately reminds me of it, except that it is a huge day,” the pig laughed.

“I really want to know if anyone else has seen it, so why should I post it on Vic Deals? This is something like Wellington!”

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