The circus page shrinks, ending several years of shocking animal abuse

Florida-based Circus Pages is entering history books along the Ringling Bros. Circus: Circus Pages has chosen to close rather than evolve into an animal-free circus that appeals to modern, compassionate audiences.

The closure of the circus was followed by years of PETA-supported protests throughout the country and a notorious video clip of its animal behavior. In 2016, a video was released showing that the Circus Pages trainer whipped and beat the tiger after grabbing and dragging the coach. Earlier this year, the camera showed the circus trainer whipping the lion, forcing a lame elephant to carry the rider, while they wielded a hook (like a fireplace poker weapon with a sharp metal hook at one end) and swayed one by one Forced dog elephant costume.

The end of the circus may be the beginning of a new life that elephants, tigers and other animals have used in their performances, and PETA is ready to find new homes for these animals in reputable shelters.

The history of Circus Pages’ violation of the Federal Animal Welfare Act includes the absence of veterinary care records and the lack of adequate space and adequate food for animals.

PETA noted that Ringling Bros. was recently closed, Kelly Miller Circus has no animals recently, New York and Illinois prohibit travel elephants, and more and more venues and cities across the United States ban or restrict wildlife exhibitions.

We can end the behavior of the animal circus
If the circus wants to prevent a decline in attendance and its eventual demise, they will need to eliminate all animal behavior. Use the following PETA Quick Action to urge multiple circuses (and the venues hosting them) to stop developing elephants, tigers and other animals. Tell them to do the right thing with talented and willing human performers.

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