The latest mission of Celebrity Big Brother is real animal events

The latest mission of Celebrity Big Brother is real animal events

For some celebrity big brother entrants, this is already a few weeks, but this latest animal mission can slightly ease the mood.

In the trailer posted to the program’s Twitter tweet, it is revealed that each roommate will become a pet or owner in the episode tonight.

“Research by roommates shows that families with pets are happier than families without pets,” Kirstie Alley read in front of the group.

“So, it is a good idea for Big Brother to decide to introduce some pets to his older brother’s family.

“For this week’s shopping mission, five roommates will become pets and other roommates will become their pet owners.”

Strange, right? Well, this is not all. Kirstie went on to describe some of the other rules that were developed to accomplish this task.

“When pet owners are in the same room as them, pets are not allowed to speak,” she continued.

“If the pet owner is in the same room, the pet must only use the animal’s voice to communicate with the other party and the pet owner.”

Almost like magic, the video is then cut into clips of some roommates dressed as animals.

Dan Osborne wore a tight-fitting Lycra dog suit with a collar and soft ears, while former banker Nick Leeson wore a full turtle costume.

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