The Summer Looks You Will Live In

The summers are here and it is time to give your wardrobe a transformation. Now that you are happy with your fashion score in the spring and autumn seasons, here’s how you can maintain the same standards in the hot months.

Crop top and ripped jeans

Summer is all about keeping it simple and sweet. Go for a plane crop top of any color you like or the one that best suits your skin tone. Pair it with an awesome ripped jeans and put on the summer hat before heading out. The outfit has a care-free feel to it and rightly spreads the summer vibes.


Long Shrugs

Imagine what it looks like to walk on the roads on a bright summer morning, while your long shrug flies like a cape behind you when the breeze blows. Yes, that’s why this is a good summer outfit that you must seriously consider.


Tunic dresses

I always have a feeling that the tunic dresses have a positive energy of their own. They instantly make a person groove, hum and dance like there is no tomorrow. This is a very comfortable outfit for the hot months. If you can choose the right prints and colors, this will be a fashion statement that your friends will look up to.

Oversized Shirt dress

The whole oversized set up will add a sexy touch to your summer outfit. There is no hassle to put it on and when you pair the shirt with the right heels or boots, you are all set to step out. It allows proper air circulation too and keeps you free and comfortable.

Jumpsuit with a jacket

I would suggest crisscross jumpsuits as the ideal choices for summer head outs. But then the idea of pairing jumpsuits with denim jackets or simple colored jackets hit me. That is a brilliant new touch to the age old jumpsuit tradition. If you find yourself sweating a lot in the denim jackets, go for simple polyester or cotton jackets that allow more air circulations. You can even go for netted- jackets with off-shoulder jumpsuits.

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