These Adorable Kids Dressed Up infant animal costume As Their Pets In Honor Of Halloween

For this family, wearing a infant animal costume dress is a good way to keep in touch with many animals.


Pennsylvania’s mother and photographer, Lindsey Bonnice, compared the animals ‘friends’ adventures with the Instagram series, which she calls #SweetFluffDressUp.

Bonnice has two sons, 8-year-old Noah and 7-month-old Finnish, one daughter, 3-year-old Libby. Family also has two dogs, four cats, two pigs, a hamster and a turtle. Pennsylvania rural small farms also include two goats, a sheep, a rabbit and a chicken.

“Children all like animals,” Bonnice told the “Huffington Post”. “Noah is old and really helps them, so he is the great helper of all my housework.”

“Libby thinks she is the mother of every animal,” she added. “She likes to talk with them and talk to them, and the Finns are fascinated by all the animals, and he likes to watch them, and now he can catch him up and try to touch them.

This month, the children are dressed as infant animal costume to match their pets, and clothing with animals. The result is pure, shameless cute.

“I know they are not perfect, they are crazy and tired, but they make me very happy,” Bonnice’s clothing photo said. I hope that people like to share them with friends and laugh and want to create how interesting! “She added.

Keep rolling to see more Bonnice’s home infant animal costume.

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