These are the most popular infant animal costume for Halloween of 2017

The princess was warned that the popularity of infant animal costume the children you celebrated in Halloween was over.

According to the National Retail Federation 2016 Halloween Consumer Topwear Survey, 2016 is the Superhero Year.


Prosper Insights & Analytics conducted an annual survey of popular Halloween infant animal costume that clothing consumption is expected to reach $ 3.1 billion, with 67% of Halloween celebrities planning to buy clothing this year. According to NRF’s early data, holiday spending is expected to reach a record high of $ 8.4 billion. More than 171 million people are expected to attend Halloween celebrations, with an average cost of $ 82.93 (up from $ 74.34 last year).


From 6 to 13 September, the NRF Fashion Trend Survey asked 6,791 consumers about their Halloween costume program. Its error margin is plus or minus 1.2 percentage points.


This is the most popular clothing this year, according to age group (and kind), according to NRF classification.



1.  Action / superhero
2.  Princess
3. Infant animal costume (cat, dog, lion, monkey, etc.)
4.  Batman role
5.  Star Wars role
6.  Tie: Witch with DC Super Hero (not including Batman)
7.  Frozen people (Anna, Elsa, Olaf)
8.  Miracle superhero (not including spiderman)
9.  Zombie

Adults 18-34 years old

1.  Batman characters (Batman, Harry Quinn, Clown, etc.)
2.  witch
3.  Animal (cat, dog, rabbit, etc.)
4.  Tie: Marvel Super Hero (Deadpool, Spiderman, etc.) and DC Super Hero (Wonder Woman, Superman, not including Batman)
5.  vampire
6.  Video game character
7.  Slasher movie villain (Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, etc.)
8.  pirate
9.  Star Wars role

Adult over 35 years old

1.  witch
2.  pirate
3.  Politics (Trump, Clinton, etc.)
4.  vampire
5.  Batman character (Batman, Catwoman, etc.)
6.  Animal (cat, dog, rabbit, etc.)
7.  Tie: DC Super Hero (Superman, Wonder Woman, Excluding Batman) and Star Wars Role
8.  Tie: ghosts and zombies
9.  Terrible clothing / mask
10.Wonderful Super Hero (Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, etc.)


1.  pumpkin
2.  hot dog
3.  Bumblebee
4.  Tie: Lion and Star Wars role
5.  devil
6.  Batman role
7.  witch
8.  Superman
9.  Action / superhero

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