Two California men charged in suspected homicide among ‘furries’

LOS ANGELES, September 27 (Reuters) – Two men had been charged about Tuesday inside the triple homicide of a El monte couple and the friend about what local information reported might have been a crime among the list of so-called “furry” community of folks that dress up in animal costume.


Joshua Acosta, 21, and Frank Felix, 25, had been both costed with 3 counts of murder in case and supposed to make primary court looks later on Thursday, the Red County Location Attorney’s Workplace said within a statement.


They are really accused of killing Jennifer Goodwill-Yost, 39, her partner Christopher Yost, 34, and the friend Arthur Boucher, twenty-eight at the couple’s home in Fullerton in the beginning Saturday.


Three victims had been found taken to loss of life in the home eventually that early morning after a kid called law enforcement officials to say her parents acquired died, Fullerton police stated in a assertion.


Two small children were determined unharmed in your own home but in the hours following the murder world was determined police declared Goodwill-Yost’s 17-year-old daughter, Katlynn Goodwill-Yost, choose to go missing.


Following arrests of Acosta, of Texas, and Felix, of Los Angeles, law enforcement officials said that Katlynn Goodwill-Yost have been found secure and that a 17-year-old little girl had been used into guardianship in connection with the crime.


Experts declined in order to if Katlynn Goodwill-Yost was your third suspect arrested, citing laws about the disclosure of the names of juveniles. Katlynn Goodwill-Yost was not billed in connection with the case on Tuesday.


The Fruit County Register newspaper reported that Jennifer Goodwill-Yost, her daughter and both of the suspects in the case have ties to the Southern California “furry” community, which is active on the internet, at conventions and other events.


“A lot of people in our community were devastated, ” Christopher Parque-Johnson, 23, told the newspaper. “I’ve been hearing from a lot of people. It bothered everybody. “”The suspects and the family members are known to one another, ” Fullerton law enforcement spokesman Sergeant Jon Radus told reporters at a press conference. “This was not a arbitrary act of violence within the community. We do believe this was a particular home that was targeted by these suspects. “

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