Why did Batman return to his old outfit?

Featuring the return of Batman classics, now we know exactly why Caped Crusader is rocking his retro look.

This question ends the “cold day” storyline, as Bruce Wayne and his jurors deliberate and try to determine the fate of Victor Fries. Bruce is convinced that his mistake as a Batman has condemned an innocent person (in this case, anyway) to die. But not acknowledging that he is Batman, Bruce’s only choice is to convince the rest of the jury that they have too much trust in Batman. He is not the absolute god that Gotham thinks of him.

In the end, Bruce was successful, and Fries was acquitted of all charges. More importantly, the reader learned that it was no coincidence that Bruce first discovered in the jury. Instead, he bribed his way as a means of redemption for Batman’s over-enthusiastic behavior.

What does all this have to do with Batman’s new clothing changes? The failure of clothing and Batman and Mr. Freeze stems from the same trauma. Bruce was still deeply hurt by the fact that he was left on the altar by Selina Kyle. His pain and anger weakened his judgment and shook his belief in Batman’s own abilities. The problem with Batman ordered Alfred to bring his original, new 52 new costumes from the end of the mothball. Bruce simply couldn’t keep himself wearing a suit that he could share as much time as he could be a bride.

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